Kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation

Bois Briand Kitchen and Bathroom in Trois-Rivières specializes in kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation.

If you're in Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan, or Bécancour, we're at your service.

The specialist in precision

Concerned with precision work, the team at Bois Briand Kitchen and Bathroom makes your cabinets in accordance with the good trade practices. Once designed by our experts, we are able to install them in consideration of their location, so your cabinets will find their place according to the layout of your room.

We also work hard to ensure ease of access in your kitchen or bathroom. Also, if you would like a walk-in layout, we're the professionals you're looking for.

We fabricate your cabinets and install them with care

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation Shawinigan

Customized installation

If you've just had your cabinets made in our workshop, installing them is no problem for us. Precise in our measurements, your cabinets will lend themselves perfectly to their destination. Thanks to our abilities, we guarantee you proper installation. Respectful of the environment, we ensure the cleanliness of each of our projects.

No matter what your expectations, you can count on our abilities. Call upon our services if you live in Trois-Rivières or Bécancour.

Opt for our ability in the installation of your cabinets.

By calling upon Bois Briand Kitchen and Bathroom, you'll enjoy:

  • Precise and reliable installation
  • Professional team
  • Clean work site

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