Bois Briand Kitchen and Bathroom is your kitchen and bathroom designer.

If you're located in Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan, or in Bécancour, we would like to extend our services.

Kitchen and bathroom customization

Bois Briand Kitchen and Bathroom is an expert in kitchen and bathroom cabinet fabrication. Whether it's for a new construction or renovation, you can count on creation and authenticity from us. Submit your project to us and we'll design a functional product just for you that corresponds to your tastes and your budget. The final result will be durable and of quality.

We also guarantee a precise installation of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You can also call upon our team to design your walk-in, integrated furnishings and more.

Trust us with the design of your kitchen and bathroom and you'll enjoy top quality products.

Trois-Rivières kitchen renovation

Quality services

Attentive to details, we guarantee a meticulously and carefully finished product. We can suggest innovations such as cabinets created in accordance with your expectations and adapted to your living space. Combining aesthetics and comfort, we know how to add a particular touch to your interior decoration. Rely on our skills for elegant and customized furnishings.

We also offer various materials for the fabrication of your cabinet doors. Don't hesitate to opt for our professionalism and expertise that's sure to charm your guests.

 Customized cabinets that meet your expectations for the aesthetics of your rooms.

By selecting Bois Briand Kitchen and Bathroom, you'll enjoy:

  • Seasoned experience
  • Professional and qualified team
  • Personalized services
  • Meticulous work and craftsmanship

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